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Surface Treatment

Enercon is a global manufacturer of innovative surface treaters for film extrusion, printing, coating & laminating. Our advanced power supply technology, application expertise, innovative equipment design & customer support make Enercon one of the world’s leading brands.

Printing, coating, extrusion coating, laminating, blown film and cast film operations rely on Enercon’s custom engineered corona treaters. These systems are optimized for integration with all leading OEM lines.

For applications requiring more specialized pre-treatment, Enercon offers atmospheric plasma, flame, and ozone surface treatment technologies. Our team will help you determine which surface treating solution will work best for your application.

Product Range
  • Roll Handling Systems
  • Corona Treatment
  • Plasma Treatment
  • Flame Treatment
  • Ozone

Flexographic, Roto-gravure and digital printing inks require a clean and compatible surface for bonding. When inks fail to bond properly with a surface it is often because of low surface energy or surface contamination.

Corona treater’s are integrated in-line on printing presses and digital printers to remove contamination, increase surface energy and provide a surface suitable for printing. Printers using water based, solvent based and UV inks benefit from adding in-line bump treatment to their lines. Operations that use corona treaters maximize print quality, line speed and uptime.

Coating and Lamination:
Coating and laminating are used extensively to add value to films for flexible packaging and other converting markets. Coated & laminated materials provide moisture and oxygen barrier protection, optical clarity, heat seal-ability, and printability. Corona treaters prepare surfaces for coating and laminating success.

Corona treating is used to improve adhesion of water based, solventless, solvent based, extrusion lamination and UV curable coatings and laminates. In most applications Enercon’s high definition corona treaters with ceramic electrodes are used.

Film Extrusion:
Film extruders use corona treaters to increase a film’s surface energy at the time of extrusion. This pre-treatment process enables the film to be later converted by printers, coaters & laminators.

Corona treaters for extrusion film are designed to either treat the entire web or variable areas of the web. Fixed width corona treaters are available with ceramic electrodes or stainless steel metal electrodes. For lane treating we offer segmented electrodes with covered ground rolls. Skip treating and pattern treating are also available.

Folding Carton:
Materials used in folder gluers to produce folding cartons include poly-coated, poly-backed, virgin Kraft board, specially coated materials, UV lacquered surfaces and recyclable materials. These types of folding carton surfaces exhibit varied receptivity to conventional bonding processes. Plasma treatment is highly effective at functionalizing these surfaces to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Atmospheric plasma assist systems clean, etch and functionalize these surface types to improve bond strength, increase line speeds and improve quality. In some cases users of atmospheric plasma treater’s have been able to benefit from replacing hot melt glue with cold set adhesives in their folder gluers.

Another reason these systems are so popular is their ease of installation with existing folder gluers Most often the treatment head may be mounted over the flap area immediately prior to glue application Enercon offers plasma treatment systems with either one, two, three of four heads depending on your application requirements.

Wire and Cable:
Creating indelible markings on wires and cables for military, aerospace, automotive, telecom and datacom applications can be a challenge for many manufacturers. Ink jet printing offers numerous production advantages for these companies, however not all materials used in the wire and cable industry are receptive to ink jet formulations.

Implementing in-line atmospheric plasma pre-treatment systems prior to printing is enabling ink jet printing success by increasing surface energy for proper ink adhesion. This paper will look at the impact of atmospheric plasma surface treating on a wide variety of materials used in the industry to enable successful ink jet printing. Lab data will be provided along with recommendations for successfully implementing pre-treatment in the field.

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